Draft Accord

Only other “good” thing is the call for 50% reduction by 2050 (base year TBD by each nation?  Yay Canada)… Here is a copy of the draft text: http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/20091218/climate-change-copenhagen-draft-text_1.htm

Note that the review/implementation deadline is 5 years from now in 2016, and that implementation is up to the internal institutions of each nation.  We’ll see what comes out of this in the coming year and the voting tomorrow.  For my fellow Canadians (and sensible people everywhere), we know what we have to push for: legally binding agreement, before 2016, 80% reductions by 2050 with a base year of 1990,  a slow decline in tar sands activity (to nill), etc… Yep… Over the next few years we’ll be deeply ‘underemployed’.


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