Dec. 19, ’09: The Copenhagen Accord

At roughly 5:45 am this morning:

While a handful of very significant nations were involved in the drafting of the initial Copenhagen Accord, the other ~190 countries knew nothing of its contents until very early this morning (ironic since one of the pillars of this accord is transparency).  After having a few hours to review and consider the text, most nations agreed that it was important to at least take this step so that there would be something to build upon at COP15.5 in Bonn (March) and hopefully to finalize at COP16 in Mexico.

Read the following one-page article for a decent summary:,28804,1929071_1929070_1948974,00.html?xid=rss-topstories

Today’s Press Conference:

A press conference was held this morning to announce the results of the climate summit.  The following is a summary of points on the new Copenhagen Accord:

  • Significant: maximum warming (2 degrees), commitment from developed countries, engagement of developing countries, indication of significant short/long-term financing, new mechanisms for technology and forestry issues
  • But: not legally binding, does not pin industrialized nations to individual targets (countries’ self-made targets are due to be annexed by January 31), does not specify responsibilities of major developing nations (i.e. China, India), does not clearly define how the $30 Billion (out of the $200 B that is really required) is to be divided between the contributors

“…It is politically incredibly significant… But at the same time you have to recognize that what this has put in place is a letter of intent… but not in precise legal terms… and that means we have a lot of work to do on the road to Mexico.” – Yvo De Boer, Executive Secretary UNFCCC

To view the press release, go to the following link:

The Copenhagen Accord

To review the accord itself (6 pages), click here:

All the documents that came out of this COP/CMP/climate summit can be viewed at


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