Some Canadian Reading…

(From Email)

Here are a couple of news stories the Council of Canadians and allies were able to generate in Canadian media related to climate justice.”

The Ottawa Citizen, “Why we took to the streets: Inaction from business interests and political leaders in Copenhagen has forced the rebirth of the movement founded in Seattle,” Op-ed by Andrea Harden-Donahue and Maude Barlow (text copied below)
The Toronto Star, “Gloom and Fury grips Copenhagen,”–gloom-and-fury-grip-copenhagen
Democracy Now, “Indigenous Peoples of Canada March on Canadian Embassy in Copenhagen to Protest the tar sands,”
“Climate deal remains elusive as clock tics away in Copenhagen: Protestors threatened with dogs, Canadian activist says”
The National Post, “Canadian Activist Criticizes Police Tactics,”
IPS, “Canada’s “Mordor” Ensures Cliamte Treaty Failure,”
IPS “Climate Change: No water in Copenhagen Talks,”
Telegraph, UK, “Oil firms attacked for tar sands pollution,” Internationalist, “Death by a thousands cuts,” 


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